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Dr. [Prof.] VIRAL I. PATEL
Dr. [Prof.] VIRAL I. PATEL
B.D.S [Gold Medal]
Dental Implant Laser Cosmetic Centre (India)

BEFORE :- Periapical Cystic Lesion in relation with central incisor

AFTER :- Post operative radiograph after 8 months showing excellent bone regeneration.

Patient visited us with severe pain & swelling in relation with central incisor tooth.

These case was treated with a minor surgical procedure called as Apicetomy [cyst removal] & at the same time Bone Graft was used to fill the bone defect along with the Root Canal Treatment.
In this procedure a intra orally a small tissue [gum] flap is raised to open up the loacl cyct or tumour site & the diseased tissue & necrosed bone are thoroughly curretted. Then the defect is filled with special bone grafting material which will strengthen up the bone & fasten the healing process of bone formation, & finally the tissue flap is closed like as done in plastic surgery without any scar mark.