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Dr. [Prof.] VIRAL I. PATEL
Dr. [Prof.] VIRAL I. PATEL
B.D.S [Gold Medal]
Dental Implant Laser Cosmetic Centre (India)

Implant Surgery is a highly specialized from of surgery & should be done by a trained implantologist, it require great skills & understanding of the case on part of the implant surgeon.

Success rate of Implants are more than 98%, only if the diagnosis & implant treatment plan are properly implemented. We personally believe that the surgeon having the skill & mastery of treating complications should only attempt the surgery.

The implant surgeon should always consider quality and quantity of the bone available, medical considerations like diabetus, bleeding disorders, age of the patient & other systemic factors and also harmful habits like clenching of teeth (BRUXISUM), smoking, chewing tobacco & betel nut before attempting a successful implant procedure.

Even patient insists, the implant surgeon should have courage to say “NO” when implants are not possible or have more chances of failures.

One of the major complications in implants is Peri-implantitis (Infection of the surrounding & supporting tissues). If left untreated may definitely lead to failure of the implant.

Severe Infection with pus discharge around implants (PERIIMPLANTITIS)

           After 6 months followed by the treatment in form of localized surgery & regenerative procedures (GBR)

Complications can be prevented by proper treatment plan & good maintenance like brushing, flossing rinsing and routine follow-ups.

Second routine maintenance is the proverbial ounce of prevention. In exchange for the few minutes a day required, you can:-

Prevent Bone Loss
Prevent Bad Breath
Prevent Discomfort or pain 
Vastly increase the life of Implants
Increase and maintain quality of life, including your ease and enjoyment of eating, speaking, and smiling.

Flossing Technique


Interdental Cleaning With Proxa Brush