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Dr. [Prof.] VIRAL I. PATEL
Dr. [Prof.] VIRAL I. PATEL
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Periodontal Disease Treatment


Also known as pyorrhoea is the most common dental disease which can affect at any age but more often after age of 30 – 35 years with a prevalance rate of more than 85 %.  it is a painless disease which affects the gums, root of the teeth & underlying bone.

In most instances,  it is ilmost symptomless or having Few symptoms Like Bleeding Gums, Mild Sensitivity, Stickiness, Bad Breath And In Later Stages Pus dischrge With Mobility of the teeth. If not Treated, It Will Lead To Loss of Teeth.

Treatment of Periodontal Disease [Pyorrhoea] includes cleaning of teeth, Periodontal Flap Surgeries & Other Advanced Procedures Like Bone Grafting & Guided Tissue Regeneration [GTR]

Periodontitis [Periodontal Disease] Is definitely Curable With The Siutable Treatment. But Patient Compliance In Form Of Proper Brushing And Flossing With Good Oral Hygeine Habits And Regular Dental Ckeck-Ups Is Necessary. 

What Are The Dangers Of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease Is The Leading Cause Of Tooth Loss Among Adults. More Importantly, The Infection Releases Toxins Into The Bloodstream Leading To Serious Health Risks.

According To National Institute Of Dental And Craniofacial Research And American Heart Association :-


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There is a growing body of scientific evidence suggesting possible links between periodontal disease and other systemic diseases such as diabetes and coronary artery disease.
New scientific research indicates that bacteria may affect the heart. People with periodontal disease, a bacterial infection, may be more at risk for heart disease.
While further research is needed, preliminary findings suggest that people with periodontal disease may be significantly more at risk for fatal heart attacks.
More than 20% of Americans have heart disease. Please advise us of any medical conditions, including heart disease. Your periodontal health may affect your overall health.
New research indicates that infections in the mouth, such as periodontal disease, may also be associated with increased risk of respiratory infection such as pneumonia and bronchitis. While further research is needed, you are well advised to maintain good periodontal health which is part of your overall health.
Scientists have known for some time that people with diabetes are more likely to have periodontal disease. New research indicates a two-way connection: periodontal disease may make it more difficult for diabetics to control their blood sugar.
Additional studies are underway, but findings suggest that controlling periodontal disease may help people control diabetes.
New evidence also suggests that pregnant women who have periodontal disease may be up to seven times more likely to have a baby that is born premature and at a low birthweight.
Periodontal disease is an infection, and all infections are cause for concern among pregnant women because they pose a risk to the health of the baby.
We advise all pregnant women -- and all women of childbearing age -- to come in for a periodontal screening examination. Although the possible links between periodontal disease and premature, low birth weight babies is still not fully understood, we want to do our part to keep mother and baby as healthy as possible.
The bacteria that cause periodontal disease are not confined to the mouth. They are carried throughout the blood stream and have the potential to cause health problems that appear in other parts of the body. Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions about the potential links between periodontal disease and other systemic diseases.


Early Periodontitis

Advanced Periodontitis with gum enlargement

Advanced Periodontitis

Peridontal Problem At age of 13 years